Wendy and Jared, Bride and Groom - September 20, 2014

"Thank you for your work at our wedding -- you exceeded our expectations and we are glad we selected you!  I really didn't expect so many of our friends and family to be dancing (particularly after the poor showing at a prior family wedding during the summer).  And there were some funny moments -- e.g., thanks for rescuing me from our awkward first dance by cutting it short."

Mandy, Bride - August 31, 2014

"Thank you so much for making our wedding night so much fun!  We had an amazing time dancing to all of your music!  Chris and I could not have imagined a better DJ.  You definitely exceeded our expectations!  You have gotten rave reviews from our friends and we will definitely be recommending you in the future!"

Erin, Bride - July 19, 2014

"Jeff got back to my every email with an immediate answer, confirmed every change, and followed through with our requests.  He was extremely organized and professional.  Jeff was very flexible and even dealt with my 11 different intro songs for the wedding party.  I absolutely recommend Jeff as a wedding DJ.  His professionalism was amazing, he was so open to my ideas, and his prices are extremely reasonable.  Our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception went without a glitch due to Jeff.  Three different spaces to set up without ever missing a beat!  THANK YOU JEFF!!"

Maria, Bride - June 21, 2014

"Jeff was amazing!  He really took the time to understand what type of mood we wanted to create at our wedding, and our guests were dancing and having a blast until the very end.  Jeff also worked well with our event planner and other vendors to make sure the entire evening went smoothly.  Everything was perfect! "

Rachel, Bride - June 7, 2014

"Thank you very much for making our wedding so special.  The music was fantastic!  People were commenting to us that they loved it, which was clearly the case as they never left the dance floor."

Chris, Groom - September 14, 2013

"As a musician who has played at several weddings myself, many of my friends and family were curious as to why I chose a DJ.  It was simple: song selection.  What I did not account for was how happy I would be with the service.  Being able to accommodate all our needs without any issues was a complete relief.  Jeff was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.  I also appreciated his demeanor; when last second details were changed, he happily obliged us where others might show frustration."

Blake, Groom - August 13, 2013

"Jeff did an amazing job!  He got the crowd into dancing.  We saw some of our friends and family dancing we never thought we would.  No one seemed offended by his selections, everything was on par with the type of music we like and everyone seemed to just have a really great time."

Kristen, Bride - July 6, 2013

"My husband and I were thrilled with DJ Jeff Ezrin.  He was so helpful and flexible when we requested to meet with him.  We came at him with a lot of different ideas and music genre requests, and he played music that satisfied everyone.  All our guests commented on how great the music was, and our dance floor was filled all night!  Our engaged guests were requesting Jeff's information for their wedding.  We would highly recommend Jeff Ezrin to anyone looking for a high quality DJ for their wedding!"

Leigh, Bride - June 29, 2013

"My then fiancĂ© Joe and I went into the wedding music selection process knowing that we didn't want a "typical wedding DJ".  We wanted to stay away from The Electric Slide and especially the YMCA.  We wanted a relevant DJ to play high-energy music for people to dance to.  After talking to Jeff on the phone, I knew he'd be the perfect DJ and booked him immediately.  He's very laid back, extremely responsive and truly loves to DJ.  In fact, he DJ's bars and will drive across MA to get there.  So he truly is not just a wedding DJ.  Leading up to the wedding, Jeff had some great suggestions about our entrance timing, cocktail songs and cake cutting song.  It was fun to work with Jeff to customize our wedding.  This way, the songs that played were a direct reflection of our personalities.  Finally meeting Jeff the night of the wedding, I felt like I already knew him.  He kept guests on the dance floor the ENTIRE night.  Guests grew more excited and energized with every new song that came on.  Jeff was also really good at reading the crowd.  I had originally said to keep slow songs to a minimum.  But Jeff saw that at our wedding, slow songs actually pulled even more people onto the dance floor.  This is something I didn't think of, but I'm glad Jeff did.  Jeff was a true pleasure to work with.  I'd recommend him to anyone!"

David, Groom - May 4, 2013

"Jeff was fantastically helpful throughout the whole process of putting things together for the wedding.  He helped with songs, gave valuable advice, and made sure that I was satisfied at every turn.  His performance at the actual event was top notch, and all guests walked away happy.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anybody looking for a professional DJ for their events."

Anthony, President, Philadelphia Downtowners Fancy Brigade - June 20, 2013

"I hired Jeff to create a custom mashup based on my suggestions.  His musical talents created an absolutely perfect mix that I can use to motivate my team of people.  I gave Jeff the purpose and overview of what I was trying to accomplish and he took it to the next level.  His talent goes beyond the norm of a typical DJ.  If you are in need of a true professional who will engage your audience as well as create a memorable event, hire DJ EZ!"

Libby, Bride - May 18, 2013

"I would highly recommend working with Jeff.  He was fabulous!  My husband and I met with Jeff prior to our wedding and he was really professional and talented.  During our prep meeting he was really proactive and had a plan for our wedding reception but took in all of our ideas and feedback.  In the weeks leading up to our wedding he was very responsive and continued to provide feedback and ideas.  The music was a total success.  Everyone had a wonderful time and we had a total dance party!"

Viji, Bride - May 11, 2013

"We would highly recommend Jeff, who was so laid-back and easy to work with throughout the wedding planning.  He took time to meet with us and get to know both my husband and my music tastes and personalize the experience.  He was always so prompt and professional, and we couldn't have had a better experience throughout the process.  The day of the wedding, Jeff had all our guests on the dance floor and wanting more when the night was over.  Many of our guests told us how much they loved the music and didn't want it to end.  Jeff is an amazing DJ who truly loves what he does and does it so well, all the while keeping the experience stress-free!"

Matthew, Groom - March 30, 2013

"Jeff had a fantastic ability to formulate a playlist based on a handful of "we love these songs, we hate these songs" list.  Great communication throughout the process.  Highly recommended!"

Nicholas, Groom - March 16, 2013

"The whole process with Jeff was seamless.  He was fantastic.  Before the wedding we talked a few times so he got a feeling for us.  From these discussions and a short questionnaire we completed, he determined what type of music and vibe we wanted.  He hit the nail perfectly on the head.  The music and MC'ing was perfect, and everything went according to plan.  Our guests danced the whole time.  I highly RECOMMEND without any reservations at all."

Jonathan, Groom - November 3, 2012

"Jeff really did an awesome job.  He felt out the crowd well and everyone kept complimenting all night and clearly they had fun when 11 pm rolled around and no one could believe 3 hours of dancing had gone by.  Jeff really went above and beyond for us and we really appreciated everything he did.  Phenomenal job, we can't thank him enough.  Not only the bride and groom were happy but the entire guest list."

Amy, Bride - September 22, 2012

"I cannot recommend Jeff enough.  The music was absolutely PERFECT.  He definitely exceeded my expectations.  We met with Jeff first so that we could go over our music tastes.  He was extremely available, knowledgeable, helpful and responsive throughout the entire process.  He was professional, fulfilled all of our requests, and ultimately KEPT EVERYONE DANCING.  He did this without resorting to cheap tricks (the chicken dance, etc). and was able to get everyone in on the fun by playing a great selection but one that was geared towards our tastes.  We received multiple compliments on the music throughout the event.  It was great to hear.  Also, we made some pretty strange requests and he was able to find songs and play everything we wanted.  I cannot imagine our wedding going as well as it did without him."

Kristin, Bride - September 15, 2012

"Jeff did an incredible job helping us with our first dance mix, introducing our wedding party, and just DJ-ing in general.  He worked for hours to make it the perfect occasion!"

Christianne, Bride - August 25, 2012

"Jeff is an amazing DJ!  We were so busy that we booked only a couple weeks before our wedding.  With such a late start, we weren't sure what to expect.  Jeff met with us to go over the music and was incredibly accommodating.  He's a talented artist and understood the tone we were looking to set for the reception.  Jeff has a background in events and offers so much more than just great music!  Perhaps the most impressive thing was his awareness throughout the evening.  He seamlessly weaved in the different events we had scheduled (cake cutting, father-daughter dance) and when it came to dancing he really had the party going.  We had so much fun and were so blessed to have such a fantastic DJ running the night!  We cannot recommend Jeff enough!!!"

Ryan, Groom - August 18, 2012

"My wife and I were extremely satisfied from start to finish.  From the very beginning Jeff was very accessible, responsive, and was a great listener.  He made us feel comfortable from the get go.  Everything went off without a hitch.  His timing, ability to mix genres, select, and blend music was excellent.  Everyone was up and dancing and had a great time.  I would highly recommend working with Jeff."

Debbie, 60th Anniversary Celebration - July 7, 2012

"Jeff was great!  His quality of work, responsiveness, and professionalism were all excellent.  And his flexibility was perfect."

Patrick, Groom - May 11, 2012

"After receiving several compliments regarding Jeff within the first thirty minutes of music of our wedding, it became even more clear Jeff was the right choice.  We had one goal: non-stop dancing for the night and Jeff (and our guests!) delivered.  Jeff used our direction to generate a playlist that was the perfect combination of our music tastes.  If you want a wedding that will standout as an all night dance party - call Jeff."

Josephine, 100th Birthday Celebration - May 6, 2012

"Responsiveness and professionalism were excellent.  Great mix of American and Italian songs.  The quality was more than expected.  Jeff was excellent and very patient with everyone!"

Rachel, Bride - October 29, 2011

"Jeff was dedicated and very reliable.  He was quick to respond to my emails, answer any questions and help me with anything I needed.  Jeff made sure my wedding was exactly how I wanted it to be.  He was extremely organized, prepared, and provided exceptional service.  Jeff was very supportive and gave me the perfect wedding."

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